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New Traveling Water Screens


Traveling Water Screens play an important role in the filtration process.  These screens are usually the initial line of defense to protect pumps supplying water for the various operations of the plant.  The plant intake has been designed to supply a specific amount of water at a specific velocity.  For this reason, Pro-Line provides new replacement screens that are a duplicate of your existing units.


When it is no longer feasible to repair your existing unit for economical reasons, it makes sense to go with a new unit.  By putting a replacement unit into your existing intake structure, you can save a considerable amount of maintenance dollars over a short period of time.  Pre-planning this change out can save substantial lost revenue associated with forced, unplanned downtime.


Not sure what shape your traveling water screen is in?  Or maybe you need an inspection that details it all for you?  Pro-Line offers on-site consultation to assist you in your decision making.


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