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Pro-Line Water Screen Services is a leading supplier of Traveling Water Screen Services for industries that require large-scale intake water filtration.

Pro-Line's services include new traveling water screens, refurbishment services, emergency services, on-site maintenance services, dive services, consultation services, and replacement parts.

Some of the industries served by Pro-Line include:

              - Power Generation                             - Food Process Plants

              - Petro-Chemical Plants                       - Government Installations

              - Municipal Water Treatment Plants     - Flood Control Projects

              - Pulp & Paper Facilities                      - Steel Mills

              - Irrigation Projects                              - Aluminum Plants


Many of Pro-Line's team members have been selling and servicing traveling water screens for over 25 years and we still believe in "Service After The Sale".  In a time when mergers and acquisitions have you wondering who is servicing your water screens, Pro-Line stands as firm and committed to your business as ever.

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